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The secret to Thai food is a balance of five flavors: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Thai dishes have a careful blend of all these tantalizing tastes and most of these dishes are served with rice to help deal with the overpowering spiciness. This could be the reason rice is always a part of Thai food. Rice is the staple food for Thais, eaten with most meals, from breakfast to dessert. In Thai language if you say you are hungry or you want to eat, you literally say “I want to eat rice”. It should be unsurprising to learn that.

At Pinto Thai, you will experience authentic and flavorful dishes with quality assured. In our kitchen, we use a lot of fresh ingredients from Thailand and also seasonal ingredients from local markets. As well as many herbs and spices used in Thai food, fish sauce is used to mellow the taste. Therefore vegetarians have to take this into account and be more careful when choosing Thai food.

In fact, our Mission at Pinto Thai is to conserve Thai food and share our love for this wonderful food with you.

            Eet smakelijk! Than Hi Aroy!

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